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Working, jobs and veterans

Working at the White House

Any member of Habbo can work at the White House if they have not been placed on the Ban on Sight List, National Punishment List, Training Kick on Sight List or a Hiring Blacklist.

What can I do?

All new members have to join as either Low Rank members or transfer to a 9iC position from one of our allies. If you are a Low Rank you can help the White House by Gate Guarding, using the Gate Control or Filling the Front to recruit others.

Once you have met the requirements, you can be hired into one of our 3 public branches as a 9iC member.

What are the branches?

You can either join the Senate, who make laws and oversee the government. Judicial, who prosecute and defend members or the Secret Service who recruit and train new employees.

How do I join?

Just visit the White House in Habbo. Walk up to the front desk and begin a conversation with a friendly member of staff.

How do I become a veteran?

Veterans are members of the White House who have worked at the White House for over 1 year in length. To become one you must meet the requirements set out by the Department of Veteran Affairs and by law.