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Who runs the government?

The Government of the White House is made up of the Executive Branch. It is ran by the President and is helped by the Executive Office of the President team. Each member has a specific role to play. 


The President is head of the Government. He is ultimately responsible for all policy and decisions. The current President is Flame-Of-Furi

Vice President

The Vice President assumes the powers of the President when a vacancy occures. The current Vice President is Energistics

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff ensures the White House runs smoothly on a day to day basis, they are Head of the Executive Cabinet and has a say in staffing and policy.

Why have a government?

We have a government to ensure that the White House runs smoothly - we are a self governing community.

Who has oversight?

The Senate and the Judicial Branches both have oversight powers over the Government and the Senate can hold the Government to account on certain issues.