Benefits, currency and taxes

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Benefits, currency and taxes

Currency and White House Pixels

As per the Financial Affairs Act 2018, if you work for the White House, you may be paid for your services in our own currency called Pixels.

Pixels is a digital currency existing only for the White House. You may transfer your White House Pixels into Habbo Credits as per the transfer rate set by the Secretary of the Treasury.

You can transfer your pixels to credits by contacting the Secretary of the Treasury, Dute.


There are certain ways the White House provides money to its members. You can either win the National Lottery scheme which held each week or by winning a prize from your Branch or at an event. The White House Treasury holds money especially for this purpose in the Reward Fund. This may be between 5 and 20 credits. You can also transfer your White House Pixels into Habbo Credits.

Visitor ID

You may purchase the new Visitor ID from the Board of Trustees if you wish to obtain access to the White House HQ.

Relevant Legislation

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