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Snatch Game! #Perficio Edition

Date: February 20th, 2019
Author: President of White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: The Snatch Game #Perficio Edition

Good Evening, White House,

In celebration of almost three months since the beginning of our journey at White House, we'd like to look back on the work of everyone these past two terms with a sense of comedy, that's why Stork and I will be hosting the first-ever White House Snatch Game!

The Snatch Game will cover some of the highs (and lows!) of the past three months under the #Perficio Administration, including some highlights from 2018! (There's a few!) 

This is all in the name of satire so no offence intended! Let your hair down, have some fun and let's laugh together at all the moments we shared (and survived) as a family!

When, Where and How?


The event shall be held after the completion of the last Branch Meeting This Sunday, so roughly around 20:30/21:00 GMT.


For the event, the Meeting room and VIP room shall be converted into a game-show setting, so for the night, they will both be unavailable to sit in, unless you're participating in the game, to which there will be seats for the audience and for the participants!


There will be a board of participants who will give at random, their funniest responses to a question asked by the two hosts (Stork and Flame-Of-Furi)

The participant's names will be on a randomizer to be chosen each time to answer, the funniest out of the 3 answers (whispered by the audience to the host of the round) will then win a point.

For Example;

Flame-Of-Furi: "Stork is so dumb, when she tried to blow the legislative trumpet she *BLANKED* instead"

Flame-Of-Furi:  "StPaulbb you're up first!"

StPaulbb:  "Stork is so dumb, when she tried to blow the legislative trumpet she removed it's wig instead"

-No one votes for Paul because it wasn't funny-

Flame-Of-Furi: "And the winner of the round is Tefal9!"

The winner, with the most points at the end of the game, will win a months supply of HC courtesy of Squatty Potty™


May the funniest Furi, WIN!

Your President,


25th President of Habbo White House

The White House // The White House is split into 4 different branches, the Executive, Senate, Judicial and Secret Service branches each execute and deliver experiences in different areas.



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im so ready! UWU

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