Briefing Room

Presidential Proclamations

Date: March 18th, 2019
Author: President of Habbo White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Presidential Proclamations

Signed Bills:


  • Presidential Citizens Medal Bill - By UsernameIsInUse - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Establishes the Presidential Citizens Medal in law, part of the #Perficio Administrations governmental plan for the second term.


  • Legislative Motions (Amendment 2) Bill - By Fasces - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Fixes a technicality in the law allowing the President Pro Tempore to abuse the motion system by preventing bills from being graveyarded.


  • Congressional Invitation (Amendment 1) Bill - By --MaxiTaxi-- - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Allows the Vice President to approve any events to be held within the Senate Chamber (Excluding the State of The Union Address) in the event the Speaker of The House is unavailable, rather than delaying this with a 24 Re


  • Resolution Procedure Bill - --MaxiTaxi-- - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Allows the Senate to hold Confirmation Debates prior to resolutions being posted for a vote.


  • Employment (Amendment 7) Bill - By Bronzed - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Prevents individuals from being Direct Hired if they are on the Training Kick on Sight List.



Senate Standing Order (Amendment 1) Bill- By --MaxiTaxi-- - SIGNED

  • Effects of Signing:  Removes the need for the Publication of a Transparency report each term on Senate Standing Orders.


Security (Amendment 67) Bill- By Bronzed - SIGNED

  • Effects of Signing: Simplifies the wording within the Security Act 2017, regarding Badge Identification, training practices and requirements pertaining to the Badges Act 2018.


Badges (Amendment 5) Bill- By Braylon22 - SIGNED

  • Effects of Signing:  Consolidates the  External Affairs Act 2019 and the Badge Clarification Acts into one complete act, allowing for ease of access regarding badges.

Presidential Actions // The President of the White House is the highest position anyone can obtain. It is an elected rank, which is elected by the Members of the White House every two months. This rank has the power to sign bills, write orders, host events and many more.


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