Briefing Room

Presidential Proclamations

Date: April 2nd, 2019
Author: President of Habbo White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Presidential Proclamations

Good Afternoon White Housers!

So we survived April Fools day, I nearly got tricked by a video about a 360-pound Poodle but I got through it alright!

Anywho, onto the Bills of the past two weeks!

Signed Bills:


  • Overturn Common Law [SC-764] Bill - By KingJason3. - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Alters the "misconduct" definition to its original state, which is committing an act of bribery or a conspiracy to committing an act of bribery or misconduct if the person holds any rank listed in Section 4(2) of the Corrupt Practices Act 2017.


  • Criminal Justice (Amendment 18) Bill - By Braylon22 - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Introduces stricter limitations regarding the Appeals process, ensuring that the system is not abused by repeat offenders or trolls.


Presidential Actions // The President of the White House is the highest position anyone can obtain. It is an elected rank, which is elected by the Members of the White House every two months. This rank has the power to sign bills, write orders, host events and many more.