Briefing Room

Presidential Proclamations

Date: February 26th, 2019
Author: President of Habbo White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Presidential Proclamations

Signed Bills:


  • Legislative Functions Bill - By kevincool@ - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Combines the Legislation regarding Senate Committees and the Senate Graveyarding Process into one act.


  • Constitutional and Judicial Reform (Amendment 1) Bill - By kevincool@ - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Changes the authority who presides over any case involving the Chief Justice from the Deputy Chief Justice to the Attorney General, aiding in the reduction of possible case-bias.


  • Direct Democracy (Amendment 1) Bill - By Fasces - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Lowers the requirements for petitions regarding their removal from the Petitions page, this aids in the better maintenance of the Petitions and allows for the removal of petitions with no clear chance of succeeding.


  • America Works (Amendment 2) Bill - By :QwertyCH - SIGNED
    • Effects of Signing: Sets restrictions for the amount of Consultory Veterans per Branch, to two CV's, as well as other minor bill fixes.



  • Legislative Motions (Amendment 10) Bill - By runnercum_alt - VETOED
    • Reasons for Veto:  This bill would have required the Assent of the Speaker of The House prior to it's passing through Senate, as this was not requested, the bill is therefore Unconstitutional.


  • Legislative Motions (Amendment 1) Bill - By :QwertyCH - VETOED
    • Reasons for Veto: The reason to restore Censures or Award Legislation from the Graveyard could effectively negate the possibility of adding or remembering to add up-to-date information to the Bill in regards to the individual it is targetted at; it would be more efficient to re-write the Censure/Award to ensure that the information is current and effective for it's purpose.


  • Criminal Justice (Amendment 8) Bill - By Energistics - VETOED
    • Reasons for Veto: This reverses a positive policy made in the previous term which was implemented to reduce and limit the abuse of anonymous cases that the Department of Justice would have to manage.


  • Employment (Amendment 33) Bill - By runnercam_alt - VETOED
    • Reasons for Veto: The system presented in this bill could be exploited by users to submit Leave of Absences that allow them to take time offline prior to being accepted, effectively diminishing the need for an LOA (as this bill marks it as 120 hours).
    • The bill also does not follow the common framework, which, if passed would deem it unconstitutional.

Presidential Actions // The President of the White House is the highest position anyone can obtain. It is an elected rank, which is elected by the Members of the White House every two months. This rank has the power to sign bills, write orders, host events and many more.