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Presidential Inaugural Ball

Date: April 7th, 2019
Author: President of White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Presidential Inaugural Ball

Good Evening White House,

Tonight, our Director of Public Engagement hosted the third and final #Perficio Inaugural Ball!

President Flame-Of-Furi had a few words to say after an epic fireworks entrance to the Presidential Ballroom;

Tonight I'd like to thank everyone in the Community at White House, Allies and Staff alike,

Thank you for your passion, innovation and loyalty to the prosperity of this Establishment,

Every single person here has contributed massively in ways unimaginable to the betterment of White House.

You all made White House more than just a community, you made it a family,

So tonight, lets congratulate and give thanks to everyone for 4 months of hard work!

Thank you!

The Ball saw fantastic attendance from both our allies and treaty partners, our staff and our VIP and Veteran members, so thank you all for taking the time to attend (and getting in your best dressed too!)

The Presidents Ballroom was opened to public access after the speeches were finished, the ballroom turned to a dance floor and the people of White House got into the partymood! Thanks to JoshyTheWashy for hosting an awesome quiz meanwhile to keep guests entertained!

Finally, the President lined everyone up for a photo op (I didn't wanna cut anyone out SO HERES AN ODDLY FORMED PICTURE) reminding us how wonderful it is to see our community together and enjoying one another's company!

From both President Flame-Of-Furi and Vice President Energistics (and the rest of the Administration too) we'd like to thank you for believing in #Perficio for 3 terms and thank you all for bringing your individual spirit and energy to help make White House prosper for many years to come!

Lots of Love, as always,

Thank you all for the best three terms ever,

Your President,


25th President of Habbo White House

The White House // The White House is split into 4 different branches, the Executive, Senate, Judicial and Secret Service branches each execute and deliver experiences in different areas.



Posted at 07/04/19 21:46 PM


I like the "oddly formed picture".

Posted at 08/04/19 01:42 AM