Briefing Room

Poaching and Activity

Date: March 6th, 2019
Author: President of Habbo White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Poaching and Activity

White Housers,

Over the past few days, we've witnessed some issues with staff retention, mainly concerns with those leaving for newer agencies, in the prospect of better ranks which, understandably can be enticing for some, but poses a lot of risks of its own. 

Also, in the past few days, people have been poached and solicited from the AFK area by people within the doorway, which not only has led to inactivity but has directly contributed to inactivity issues within the base. 


Currently, we have received information regarding poaching from newer the Agencies opening on Habbo Hotel, Apple being among those, our Allies have informed us of recent poaching techniques that have also been witnessed within White House wherein poachers are standing in the door, adding everyone in the room, leaving and then engaging in conversations over Instant Message to convince members of staff to leave for higher ranks.

Whilst this may seem enticing and the prospect of a higher iC with more responsibility in another agency may seem like a good deal, please remember these are new agencies and there is no guarantee for their continuation over the coming months, unlike agencies such as HDA, FBI, SS and WH which have existed for quite a long time with no foreseeable closure, these agencies are a risk and in doing so, you may lose your current progress within White House, along with your trust.

If you would like to report an attempted poacher please do so;


Relations Regarding "Apple" Owned by Terrorization

As of 20th February 2019, Apple is a Ban on Sight Organisation, meaning that any member associated with Apple is banned from access to White House, this will remain in effect until either the Organisation ceases to exist or otherwise, they discontinue their poaching activities in regards to WH and our allies.

Court Decision can be found HERE

Legislation can be found HERE

Poaching has continued, however, since the Ban on Sight order was published and our allies have reported increased activity from their staff within their organisations also, in response to this in protection of ours and our allies staff, we have initiated proceedings for a National Punishment Order, again this will remain in effect until poaching activities cease.

Court Decision can be found HERE

Legislation can be found HERE

I would like to remind everyone that we are not going to engage in any hostile activity towards any member of the Apple Organisation, please do not heckle, insult, berate or belittle any Apple staff that you come across, nor disrespect any of those who have been poached or left for Apple, please remain peaceful in your manner, the best reaction in these situations, from us as a group is no reaction.


Over the past few days, there has been a substantial drop in activity across all of our branches, resulting in a fairly empty HQ, something that needs to be addressed immediately.

Our work over the past 4 months has been exemplary in reviving White House to its former glory, specifically the work in recruiting new members, training and providing a fun and active atmosphere to appeal to newcomers.

We need to keep this energy up, this is not a time to start slacking by any means, if we become comfortable with our success, we will fail to succeed for the future and it will be a downward spiral, I urge you to come online, participate in tasks, events and activities and provide to the room population.

If you have alternative "alt" accounts, please bring these into the base and keep them in AFK, I have no issue with the quantity of Alt Accounts or the names, provided they are accounted for by the people bringing them in and you remain responsible for them.

This will and always be a collective effort if one member of the team falls short, we all suffer, we must work together for the prosperity, protection and support of White House, to ensure it's survival for the future.


With love, as always,

Your President,


25th President of Habbo White House

Department of Defense // The Department of Defense as a whole protects the wellbeing and welfare of our organization to ensure the safety of our employees. The Department of Defense works alongside the Secret Service Branch to maintain top notch security at our events.