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Order Results

Date: April 1st, 2019
Author: President of White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Order Results

Good Evening White House,

Yesterday evening, the White House enjoyed one of our first open Resolution Debates, discussing the key Secret Service reform (Security (Reform) Order 2019), which would be coming in the following weeks, the debate, hosted by Hasaan, saw Opening and Closing Statements from the President; Flame-Of-Furi, the Director of the Secret Service; Tommeh. and our President Pro Tempore; UsernameIsInUse, along with debate points from KingJason3. and Clarus, the debate brought about the healthy discussion on all corners of the reform, leading to the consideration of alterations and future experiences to observe in the event the reform should pass.

However, this was not the only resolution on an order to go to vote yesterday night, we also witnessed the Secretary of Veteran Affairs requesting resolution on the America Works (Consultatory Veterans Provision) Order 2019, the Chief Justice Arlert. requestion resolution on the Judiciary (DAG Revision) Order 2019 and President Flame-Of-Furi requesting resolution on the Badges (Treaties and Partnerships) Order 2019.

The Results

Security (Reform) Order 2019

By Director of the Secret Service - Tommeh.


Congratulations to the Secret Service on the confirmation to allow for their reform.

Voting Record can be found HERE


America Works (Consultatory Veterans Provision) Order 2019

By Secretary of Veteran Affairs - -mindthegap-


The confirmation of this order will now mean that Consultory Veterans are no longer required to submit reports.

Voting Record can be found HERE


Judiciary (DAG Revision) Order 2019

By Chief Justice - Arlert.


The confirmation of this order now moves the Deputy Attorney General from the Judicial Branch to the Executive Branch.

Voting Record can be found HERE


Badges (Treaties and Partnerships) Order 2019.

By President Flame-Of-Furi


The confirmation of this order recognises and establishes the [WH] Treaties and Partnerships badge as an official badge within White House rooms on the Habbo Client.

Voting Record can be found HERE

Statements regarding the Orders

Following the passing of these orders, those involved see the signal of progression for the Establishment through their passing and in the future days, subsequent implementation.

President Flame-Of-Furi had this to say;

Without a doubt, the passing of the Security (Reform) Order is a fantastic step in the evolution of the Secret Service Branch, written by the people of SS, for the people of SS, with the wealth of experience and knowledge that they had to offer and impart in the creation of this order, it was a pleasure of the Administration to work with the Leadership of the Secret Service to see them use their voice to shape their branch, something that has long been neglected in previous Administrations.

The Judiciary (DAG) Revision Order brings us into a new era of itself, a previously tried and tested theory, we plan to execute this again, in a new form, to provide proper liaision and discussion between the Department of Justice and Judicial, whilst giving the DoJ independence of appointment and to promote an unbiased atmosphere within our Justice system, by ensuring that the DoJ is appointed by seperated entities to those whom judge the cases it presents.

I'm excited to not only endeavour to work with the Secret Service to implement their new reform through site and on Habbo, but also to change the way our Department of Justice works for a continued free, fair and democratic platform within our Establishment.

The Director of the Secret Service; Tommeh., also had this to say upon the passing of the Security (Reform) Order;

I am incredibly excited and grateful to have the opportunity to move and adapt SS into a new era. I am confident that the Security (Reform) Order 2019 will push the branch into a prosperous future through the allowance of a strong leadership and well built communication within the branch. Needless to say the branch required the structure that the Reform enacts, and it makes me so happy to see that the branch evolve into something amazing. I thank my Leadership, EOP and Senate for the support in making these ideas come to fruition.

The Attorney General -Bray.x spoke of the Judiciary (DAG Revision) Order also;

Moving the Deputy Attorney General to the Executive branch will ensure that the Department of Justice remains an independent Executive Department which aims to secure justice for everyone in the White House. This is important to continue the seperation between these two core processes in the justice system, which is vital to create a healthy and unbiased atmosphere in the Judiciary.

Fantastic work already in the first week of the third and final #Perficio Term, it's excellent to see the evolution of our Establishment happen before us and come from the people within the Establishment itself.


Onwards and Upwards!



Lots of Love, as always,

Your President,


25th President of Habbo White House

The White House // The White House is split into 4 different branches, the Executive, Senate, Judicial and Secret Service branches each execute and deliver experiences in different areas.



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