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New Rare: Gilded Chimera

Date: June 3rd, 2017
Author: Press Secretary - SkyBucks
Concerning: Habbo Happenings: Rare Gilded Chimera

Credit given to: -mindthegap- for the formulation of the above picture

New week = new rare! That's right guys, we have yet another rare being released this week, and this time it's not apart of the spaceship galaxy implosion that we had in the month of May, it's apart of the new Ancient Greece theme for the month of June! For just 25c and 25 diamonds, you can buy this new Gilded Chimera statue today! It's surely going to be a big hit in the upcoming future, as nearly all statues have a large amount of success on here.  

Go out and grab it today before the price skyrockets! It's sure to be the Centaur of attention!

What is Habbo Happenings? Habbo Happenings is the revived news title with stories relating to anything and everything going on in the Habbo White House that does not necessarily involve the Habbo White House, you're more than welcome to leave feedback via site messaging the OOC.


its pretty but i dont think it'll go with any of my rooms

Posted at 03/06/17 14:47 PM