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MPW - Anti Bullying

Date: May 14th, 2019
Author: President of Habbo White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Minority Pride Week - Anti Bullying

Good Morning White Housers!

To start off our Minority Pride Week (I'm a day late I know!) I thought it'd be best to cover Bullying, ways to get help and how to contribute to the community to prevent bullying. It's nice to know that in White House, it's not a daily occurrence, but it'd be a lie otherwise to say that it isn't part and parcel of large communities and that it's important we work together to prevent or contain it.


What is Bullying?


Official defined a Bully is someone who;

"is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people."

- The Free Dictionary

Bullying doesn't just occur in the physical sense, it is something that is widely regarded as being an issue wherein any forms of communication occur, it can happen over the phone, within social media and games, or face to face.

There are two forms of bullying that are recognised by the NSPCC those are; Cyberbullying and Physical Bullying

Physical Bullying occurs in the real world, usually in the form of emotionally abusive behaviour including name calling, threats, spreading rumours or belittling another individual. It can sometimes extend into more physical bullying, such as hitting, spitting, kicking or any form of physical violence.

Cyberbullying is slightly different, in the sense that in most cases (unless bullying occurs alongside this offline) most of the abuse is emotional in its nature, whilst not physical it can be extremely dangerous, it can take the forms of threatening or abusive messages, sharing or creating embarrassing media, sending anonymous violent or upsetting messages, or setting up sites, polls or other media to shame/humiliate an individual.

As mentioned earlier, usually it is non-physical, however, some Cyberbullying can take the forms of encouraging self-harm, forcing others into engaging in sexual activities (sexting) or forcing someone to harm someone else.

Whilst different in their approaches, both Physical and Cyber Bullying can happen together and be extremely harmful and damaging for the individual, which is why it's our responsibility to follow the 3 S's





Why are people bullied?


Generally, people of minority status are targetted and are victims of bullying, according to bullying statistics, an online resource dedicated to the reporting of bullying incidents; one in four school children in America from minority backgrounds are bullied. It's reported that 9 out of 10 LGBT Students face bullying within school environments.

That carries a 28% suicide rate...

As mentioned previously, we'd be covering some areas of concern regarding bullying such as Sexuality, Gender, Race, Cultural Background and Disability, to name a few.

Many theories exist to why people bully, mainly it's to do with an individual not fitting the "status quo" although some suggest that it stems from parental upbringing eg; Parents showing prejudice to people of different races/sexualities and in some theories, it is a self-projection of insecurity eg; A closeted gay person actively bullying someone who is openly gay.

There are many different categories that could contribute actively to bullying such as Prejudice, Racism and "Phobias" (Aka Transphobia, Homophobia, Islamophobia)


Prejudice is a feeling or discomfort towards a person or group that is based on their race, beliefs, gender or culture, it is considered an "animalistic" behaviour, in that it usually occurs without the person actively realising unless it is addressed or pointed out.

It involves usually preconceived ideas shared between like-minded individuals (usually negative), stereotyping, or a feeling of discomfort or fear towards someone due to their affiliation (usually political, religious or to do with gender or sexuality) this stems towards Racism and Phobias.


Racism, is usually the direct discrimination of another person due to their race (the colour of their skin or the origin of their heritage) it can stem from historical values eg; Slavery and segregation in the USA and it's trickle-down effects on future generations towards African Americans, or otherwise, it can stem from learned behaviours eg; influences from church, the media or politics.

Racism can be identified by the use of derogatory words towards someone regarding skin colour eg; "cra**er (white) or ni**er (black)" or in regards to physical features eg; discrimination towards people from Asian descent regarding their eyes, or cultural habits.

It can stem into physical abuse, as probably many of you have witnessed in the media, with reports of Muslim people having their religious wear pulled off in public, or people of African American descent being targetted by White Supremacist groups.

These factors can all contribute towards strengthening Prejudice in other people, through influence, false information or browbeating of another individual.


The term "Phobia" is used to describe something you fear, however in these cases, most people who are labelled "Homophobic" "Islamophobic" or "Transphobic" are not acting out of fear and usually act out of community-based prejudice, media-influenced actions or otherwise learned behaviours from parents.

These Phobias can link into racism and usually follow stereotypes or prejudices towards the individual based on their "categorization" by the individual, these can be extremely harmful, for example; the idea and belief based on media coverage of terrorist acts that "all Muslims are terrorists" or that "All gays seduce straight men".

Usually, these phobias are learned behaviours as mentioned before, their presence can be extremely harmful and as with Racism and Prejudices, they factor into the reasons why someone can be actively bullied within a community and usually towards the lack of actions others take.

Remember; if you witness bullying and do nothing about it (reporting the incident), you are contributing towards the actions indirectly by allowing the bully to feel comfortable to continue in your presence.


Statistics and Effects of Bullying


The effects of bullying can be both mental and physical and have lifetime effects on the individual who has been bullied, far beyond the period of being bullied, Pacer an American Organisation on statistics, provided statistics of bullying over the past decade at various points, here are the figures;

Students who are bullied are 2.6 times MORE likely to commit suicide.


In the LGBT Community (National School Climate Survey, 2013);

A study of schools in America in 2013 revealed the following;

74.1% of LGBT students were verbally bullied

36.2% of LGBT students were physically bullied

49% of LGBT students suffered from Cyberbullying

and 55% of LGBT students felt unsafe at school.


Regarding Race (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016);

The National Centre for Educational Statistics conducted a survey of American schools in 2016 with these results regarding racial bullying;

25% of African American students reported being bullied

22% of Caucasian students reported being bullied

17% of Hispanic students reported being bullied

9% of Asian students reported being bullied


Regarding Disability;

The site "Pacer" reported the following statistics on bullying regarding physical or mental disabilities in American Students;

35.3% of students with behavioural and emotional disorders

33.9% of students with Autism

24% of students with learning difficulties

20.8% of students with health impairments


As you can see, from these statistics, recent or otherwise, bullying is prevalent among children in our communities and the results are shockingly high among the LGBT peoples within our community, showing a fundamental flaw in education understanding and acceptance of minorities.


How to support and prevent;

It is crucial that within such a large community, we take aggressive and passionate action towards stamping out bullying, in the past White House has supported organisations such as Ditch the Label which actively works against bullying and informs the masses about types of bullying and communities affected.

Reporting Bullying

Remember, you should and can screenshot ANYTHING that is considered bullying, even if it's non-legal evidence.

Legal Evidence Information;

For a screenshot to be used as evidence of somebody doing something wrong, it must contain all the right information. This is due to the "Legal Evidence Act 2018".

It needs:

  1. The URL.
  2. Room information.
  3. Date and time.

Non-Legal Evidence Information;

As per the ETHICS BOARD ACT 2019you can submit, non-legal evidence for review by the Ethics Board, if the evidence is seen as accurate and portraying harm to an individual it can be confirmed and used in court to punish or remove an individual from White House.

Support and Understanding

If you know or have friends that have been or are being bullied, it's important to reach out to them, talk to your friends, encourage them to share their issues and support them in reporting the Bullying, it will only stop if we take action against it.

Promoting a Safe Environment

Remember the 3 S's we mentioned earlier? take these into account when you're helping to promote a safe environment, remember as members of staff (and allies) of White House, you are ambassadors, representing our community within Habbo and it is your duty to protect everyone who resides within the room.

Spot - Bullying can take many forms, verbally abusive or behaviour which could be considered blackmail, ganging up or otherwise victimising an individual within White House can constitute bullying.

Screenie - As mentioned earlier, ALL Screenies can be submitted as evidence regarding bullying, however, legally accepted screenies require the following; The URL, Room Information, Date and Time, it is much more efficient and simple to remember this in getting the evidence used within White House.

Stop - Call the person out, ask them to stop their behaviour and make note or screenie this if they refuse to stop bullying, if you have rights, you're permitted to mute and at length (regarding your rank) you may be permitted to kick or strike the individual bullying.

Our Zero-Tolerance Policy

The #Perficio Administration has operated a Zero-Tolerance Policy on bullying of any sort including racist, homophobic, or otherwise damaging behaviour towards anyone within White House, this includes removing individuals from their ranks within our Establishment and if necessary, adding these individuals to Ban on Sight.

We will not tolerate, endorse nor permit any sort of disgusting behaviour towards another individual within the Establishment and if caught doing so or with Evidence permitting, we will take immediate action.


Help and Support;


The following organisations offer help, support and information on Bullying;


Ditch The Label

Bullying UK


If you or a member of our community is being bullied, reach out to any member of the Executive Office of the President (EOP) or report to Hotel Staff.


That's all from me, let us make this a memorable week of love, acceptance, knowledge and evolution of our wonderful community!


Lots of Love, as always,

Your President,


25th President of Habbo White House

Presidential Actions // The President of the White House is the highest position anyone can obtain. It is an elected rank, which is elected by the Members of the White House every two months. This rank has the power to sign bills, write orders, host events and many more.



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