Briefing Room

Habbo Happenings: New Rare

Date: May 07, 2018
Author: Press Secretary - DinosGoMoo!
Concerning: Press Release: Habbo Happenings!

Hello! There is a new rare that was released today and it's called the "Golden Piggy Bank Credit Furni". So basically it's just a golden big worth 750 credits. So if you were to buy it for 750 credits, you can simply double click it and exhange it into credits! I believe people collect these though. Get one before it's gone!

Habbo Happenings // Habbo Happenings is the revived news title with stories relating to anything and everything going on in Habbo that does not necessarily involve the Habbo White House. You'll find new furniture, bundles and other hotel news. Leave feedback or ideas  by messaging the OoC.