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Habbo Happenings: Mobile Film Camera

Date: April 15th, 2018
Author: Deputy Director of Communications - Vlyso
Concerning: Press Release: Habbo Happenings!


Habbo's most recent furniture addition is the Mobile Film Camera. Habbo is calling it the newest "rare," but it can be purchased for only 25c and 25 diamonds from the Habbo catalog. 

The furni has three levels, from ground height, mid-height (pictured), and maximum height. Be sure to purchase it before it is gone!


Habbo Happenings // Habbo Happenings is the revived news title with stories relating to anything and everything going on in Habbo that does not necessarily involve the Habbo White House. You'll find new furniture, bundles and other hotel news. Leave feedback or ideas  by messaging the OoC. 



nice scarf @eils

Posted at 15/04/18 01:52 AM


Does it actually record? That'd be cool.

Posted at 15/04/18 04:14 AM

Yeah lol


Posted at 16/04/18 00:24 AM