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Habbo Happenings: Christmas Run up

Date: December 1st, 2017
Author: Press Secretary - -Syndi.
Concerning: Habbo Happenings: Christmas Run up

We all know what time of year it is. December 1st hit and so does the Christmas run up! The 25-day countdown begins today! 


Today Habbo released their new line of Christmas furniture and don't sit around waiting, some of it is beautiful. They also re-released the usual Xmas Comeback, as they always do this time of year, containing furni from previous years. Not only have they released these two lines of furni, but they have added a new "Victorian Horse Carriage" for a limited time! If you want your hands on it, it's in the Catalogue right now for 25c + 25 diamonds.

If you want a good look at some of the new Furni, take a look at the #Victorian Village room in game. While you're there, keep an eye out for magical chairs which will give you a special badge.

Badges & Events

There are up to 8 badges to nab for yourself as of today, 2 secret badges, 2 bundle badges, 3 event badges and last but not least 1 advent badge. I won't spoil the secret badges for you, but if you want there are sites out there to help you. The events are Santa's Grotto maze and Habbox's Home Alone maze. You will find the badges by proceeding through both of them.


Today Habbo released 2 bundles, one of them, brand new, the other a remake of last years.

The Victorian Street Bundle contains a lot of the brand new victorian furni for you to play about with, although the price is quite steep, it might be worth it for those collectors and builders. It costs 199c.

The Santa's Office Bundle is a throwback to last year's christmas offering you a lot of furni from the line, including the rare Santa's desk, which I personally think is the best desk for its money in the game. The price is fairly reasonable considering its only 99c.

I have not calculated the price of the items vs the price of the bundle, so I cannot tell you which of them you should and shouldn't buy. If you have the money to spare of course.

Advent Calendars

This year has brought back Habbo's usual daily advent awards that you can open every day you log in. Previous years we have seen a combination of times, hc, gifts and other things. Along with this, Habbo has brought out a story based advent Callander where you become the City Manager for the duration of December. There are daily events to do where you will get a badge for each completed. There is also a chance to receive additional rewards, tailors thread, tailors cloth or Christmas Hedgehog furni.


Krista has been asking to be in a Press Release for a while now, so here you go. Say hello to krista.


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