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Habbo Happenings: Bundle & Rare!

Date: May 13, 2018
Author: Press Secretary - DinosGoMoo!
Concerning: Press Release: Habbo Happenings!

Hello! There is a new bundle and rare that was released and the rare is called the "Ball-Jointed Doll" rare, you can get this cute doll which is worth 25 credits and 25 diamonds in the catalogue now. It is changable from male to a female doll, as well as looking super cute! Additionally earlier this week the "Pro Gamer Bundle" was released for 99 credits, which in my opinion looks awesome! If you haven't picked up either of these you can do so now. Alternatively you can also buy the bundle through the "Shop" page where you can save up to 50%!

Habbo Happenings // Habbo Happenings is the revived news title with stories relating to anything and everything going on in Habbo that does not necessarily involve the Habbo White House. You'll find new furniture, bundles and other hotel news. Leave feedback or ideas  by messaging the OoC. 


The ball jointed doll reminds me of something from annabelle

Posted at 15/05/18 23:17 PM