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Habbo Happenings: Ask A Habbo

Date: August 18, 2018
Author: Press Secretary - jkirkdale
Concerning: Press Release: Habbo Happenings: Ask A Habbo


Habbo has recently created a Ask A Habbo support function!

It can be anything to do with with Habbo or real life situations. If you are unsure about something and would like support from our amazing community.

 Email your questions to, from there Habbo will choose the questions to post to which the whole of Habbo can help with.

All questions and answers will be anonymous so none of your details will be displayed.

More information can be found here!


Habbo Happenings // Habbo Happenings is the revived news title with stories relating to anything and everything going on in Habbo that does not necessarily involve the Habbo White House.