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Goodbye & Thankyou ElPolloMan

Date: April 3rd, 2019
Author: President of White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Goodbye & Thankyou ElPolloMan

Good Evening White House,

Tonight, our Deputy Chief of Staff; ElPolloMan resigned from his position in the Administration, as he pursues his future in the real world, something that comes to the best of us and is a reality and a reminder of the fragility of all of our positions within White House.

Nick first came to my attention from his time in the Secret Service as Training Director, it wasn't long before his journey saw him joining us in Cabinet, as an integral part of the Department of State, as our Deputy Secretary of State, something I fondly remember him referring to as the closest he'd get to a mish-mash of "DoSS"

Upon being made Secretary of State, it was then we really saw him shine and display the amazing attitude and potential he brought as a dynamic leader of a Department, bringing together our Allies, supporting the ethos of the #Perficio Administration and being the embodiment of the revival of our Establishment through connection with our Allies and with the creation of our Treaty with AIM.

It seemed only certain to myself and the rest of the Administration that, after mentoring his fellow colleague lancoleloves (Nicole) and providing to the Department of State without fail, that he deserved a seat as an integral part of our Administration and our efforts to help White House.

His impartial behaviour, unbeatable spirit and friendly and funny attitude, mixed with his ability to be serious, professional and unbiased made him a fantastic asset to the team and someone that as this term progresses, will provide the mould for future candidates to be judged upon.

The Administration and I thank him, from the bottom of our salty pink hearts, for all the efforts he provided, throughout his time in the Secret Service, the Administration and the Department of State, a symbol of the effort to revive and reculture our fantastic Establishment.

Nicks departure is a stark reminder to me, of how thankful I am to everyone, including Nick, for their efforts to rebuild our Establishment and continue to see us prosper, the continued passion, community and family atmosphere that we enjoy today lives on is something I'm coming to miss before I've even left office.

I've said my piece, but from the rest of the Administration and Cabinet;

Vice President - Energistics

While Nick served as DCoS, not only did he excel in his role, but he was also extremely engaged in everyday operations. Nick breathed in a new life during his service in EOP. He was that much needed spark we needed to keep us going. He truly cared and always put his best food forward regardless of the position he held, whether that be Deputy Chief of Staff, or Secretary of State. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and thank him for his service to our community.

Director of Public Engagement - Aaron.5D

Shame ur leaving. Ur ugly, but you'll always be my nickSON

Secretary of State - lancoleloves

“Thank you so much for helping me with DoS. Even as SoS, I still will ask you as many questions. Thank you for helping me out throughout everything, and ranking up together has been fun, thank you so much nick!”

Lots of Love, as always,

and again, thank you, Nick,

Your President,


25th President of Habbo White House

The White House // The White House is split into 4 different branches, the Executive, Senate, Judicial and Secret Service branches each execute and deliver experiences in different areas.


Ew who tf is El-Po-Lo-Man sounds like some nerd

Posted at 03/04/19 21:26 PM


lov u nickson

Posted at 03/04/19 22:06 PM


thank u, next

Posted at 03/04/19 23:29 PM



Posted at 03/04/19 23:48 PM


Very sad to see you go, Nick! All the best in the future!

Posted at 04/04/19 00:30 AM


Best of luck Nick, I guess I will be Nick#1 now haha just kidding. Sad too see you go man.

Posted at 04/04/19 16:29 PM


Best of luck Nick, I guess I will be Nick#1 now haha just kidding. Sad too see you go man.

Posted at 04/04/19 16:29 PM


Sad to see you leaving Cab Nick ;-; But good luck in your ventures, you better still visit O_O

Posted at 05/04/19 17:23 PM