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Activity; Your Contributions

Date: March 2nd, 2019
Author: President of White House - Flame-Of-Furi
Concerning: Activity; Your Contributions

Good Morning/Evening White Housers!

I think it's important I give this a repost, for our newer members and also, to give people an insight into the work we can contribute to the success of the Establishment, again this is a lengthy article, you can find the areas which pertain to you and it's not required that you read the ENTIRE document.

The #Perficio Administration has been committed to bringing back our staff to White House, whether that be by attracting new members, or seeing our former employees, VIPs and Veterans re-enter our ranks and support the Establishment, which is why it's so crucial we continue this effort.

There are many ways in which we as a family can contribute to the success of our Establishment, every effort that we make counts to no end to help us prosper and as we have seen, in the recent weeks, your energy within the HQ has brought us back from the duldrums of 2018.

So How Can I Help?

There are many methods that you can help, based on your abilities and rank within the Establishment, from liking the room and inviting friends, to extending events promotions, hosting games and providing room support.

We'll split these into Catergories and discuss them further on, for some of you, you may already be doing some of these, this will be a lengthy article, so to find the sections that apply to you just click the headings below;


Available To Everyone

- Filling the Front

- Liking the Room

- Inviting Friends on Habbo

- Making the White House your Favourite/Home Room

- Joining our Discord Server

- Participating in Events

- Recruitment Drives

- Alerting SS/7iC+ to Trainees in Base


Available to 7iC+

- Hiring New Members

- Promoting Low Ranks

- Room Presence

- Helping With Tasks

- Training and Recruitment


Available to Rights Holders

- Room Control; Troll Spotting!

- Creating a Safe Environment

- Hosting/Overseeing Events and Games

- Helping with Technical Issues


Available To Everyone;

Filling the Front

Filling the Front is Simple! It takes no time at all and can be done by anyone on the team;

Areas where you can Fill the Front are labelled in RED

The motto for all new recruits is; [WH] SS Trainee

The must join and favourite the badge labelled above in GREEN

They must then wear our Uniform labelled above in BLUE

If they're using mobile, a guide is available HERE to help them/you with recruitment.

Once you've done this and their badge, motto and uniform is correct they can be let in to be ready for training! You can always alert a trainer on Discord so that they get trained as quickly as possible!

Joining our Discord Server

The Discord Server for Habbo WH is found HERE

- You can alert Trainers/7iC+ to Trainees in the Tech Room

- Find new friends in White House

- Get access to your Branch Server for help with tasks and work


Alerting SS/7iC+ to Trainees in Base

From within our server you can tag @Secret Service in the WH Lobby to alert them of a Trainee.

This way you can ensure that Trainees are trained, to reducing waiting times and improve our overall netgain, thus bringing more friendly folks into the White House, it's important we don't keep people waiting!


Liking the Room

Liking the room is simple!

In the bottom left hand corner of the Habbo Screen, you'll see a small menu, simply click the like button (Highlighted in red above) and you'll contribute to the overall score of the room!

My like button looks a little different as I was a good boi and I'd already liked the room.


Inviting Friends on Habbo

Inviting your friends is simple!

-Open your friends list highlighted in GREEN

-Click the white part of their name marked in YELLOW

-Click the Rectangle with an arrow in it highlighted in ORANGE

-Write your message, something like; "Come to White House for a fantastic job!"

-Click send to notify all your friends highlighted in RED

It's a simple, yet effective tool, to attract your friends to the room and potentially bring new staff members to the White House, what's more you'll have someone you know to work with!


Making the White House your Favourite/Home Room

Making White House your home room, allows you to quickly be taken to the room, straight from the home screen, this avoids you having to search for it in your rooms.

Similarly, adding it to your favourites (if you already have a home room) will allow you to find it easily within your "My Rooms" page under "Favourites"

To add both of these simply;

-Click the Settings icon in the bottom left hand corner of your Habbo Screen highlighted in BLUE

-Click the House and Heart Icons until the show in full colour as pictured above highlighted in RED


Participating in Events

We're always hosting games at White House and everyone is welcome to play, even non-staff members!

Your participation in these games, inviting your friends and being a good sport, helps to create a friendly and lively atmosphere within the Establishment, which will go towards your contributions to keeping the Establishment thriving.

Available to 7iC+;

Hiring New Members

As a member of the Leadership of Judicial/Senate/Secret Service, you have the ability to interview and hire new members to your Branch.

Remember the following requirements before you hire;

1. The LR must be Protection Guard ( motto as [WH]Prot. Guard [Promotag] ) or above.

2. They must have been working at White House for more than 24 hours.

3. You can check all of this by searching their Employee Database. (Check on the link below)

4. They are not on your Branch Blacklist. (Check on the link below)


Promoting Low Ranks

Any of our LRs can be promoted every 15 minutes, this is a great incentive for rewarding hard work, it's important we help with promotion and praise, as not only does it encourage our LR's it brings them a step closer to recruitment.

To Promote an LR Simply follow this;

- Approach the LR in HeadQuarters and call them to attention.

- After they wave and say "Sir/Ma'am Yes Sir/Ma'am" congratulate them for their hard work

- Issue their promotion, REMEMBER;
They must be Adv. Trained by an SS MEMBER ONLY before you can promote past [WH] SS Cadet III 

-The Beret Colours are available here;

In the top right hand corner, click the little clock icon, type in their name within the search bar.

Select the Habbo that you are trying to find.

Click on "LR Tools" under their mini-profile, you should be able to see their promotion database adjacent to this, so check that 15 minutes has elapsed since their last promotion.

Simply choose on this page, from whether or not you are issuing a promotion or a demotion, then promote them to the next rank up for example [WH] SS Cadet I > [WH] SS Cadet II.

And then you're done! Once they have the correct Motto, Promotion Tag and Beret, simply tell them "At Ease!"

Make sure you have registered a Promotion Tag (Promo Tag) with a member of SS Leadership, this is used at the ending of a motto to identify who has promoted the person, for example.

[WH] SS Cadet I [Furi] has been promoted by Flame-Of-Furi


Training and Recruitment

Training can be performed by anyone who is 7iC+ in the absence of SS members within the base, if you were unable to get a response from anyone via Discord to come online, it may be best that you conduct this yourself.

Information on Training, including the training script can be found here;

Training Script;
Training Submission;

Available to Rights Holders;

Room Control; Troll Spotting! and Creating a Safe Environment

Remember that as a Room Rights holder, you have responsibilities to spot trolls within White House, sometimes these trolls will even get trained/hired before they begin trolling, just remember your abilities as a RR Holder.

-You must warn prior to any punishments, if they continue you can then punish accordingly.

-You can kick those who refuse to take warning.

-Those trolling can be muted for 2 Minutes.

-If they continue after a mute they can be kicked.

-Do not perm ban non-BoS users.


Hosting/Overseeing Events and Games

Any member of the White House can host a game, as long as someone is willing to give a prize prior to hosting, as a Rights Holder, you must be available to oversee and provide proper room control during the games hosting.

To submit any events held just click HERE

If you submit your events, you are more likely to have your funds for them reimbursed.

To find out how to host (codes for the VIP room to change) simply ask any member of the Executive Office of The President (EOP) or the Office of Public Engagement (OoPE)


Helping with Technical Issues

Sometimes wired has glitches, or things get moved in the room, or just in general something might require manual attention (like filling Winstons Water Bowl)

Your online presence and participation in HQ is important in this manner as you can provide a whole host of help to other members of the White House and make working within the Establishment much easier.


Using your abilities, no matter your position, will be crucial in the success of the establishment, it is only with our combined efforts that we will seek prosperity and success for many years to come.

I know that this may be a long article, but it's important that the information has been provided in some forum to you all to collectively help our effort towards the prosperity of the Establishment as a whole, I think above all that is important.

If I have missed anything, supplied any incorrect information or otherwise you feel there's something that should be added, please leave a comment below and I'll be more than happy to edit this in!


Lots of Love, as always,

Your President,


25th President of Habbo White House


Hey that's meeeeee!

Posted at 03/03/19 10:54 AM