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 The Department of the Treasury for the Habbo White House manages all of the internal finances. The department is led by the Secretary of the Treasury, Dute. The Secretary maintains a spreadsheet that has information on all the construction projects in the White House, ensures all the rooms in the White House are suitable and meet our standards and maintains another spreadsheet listing all the payments that our organization makes. Below is a list of all the members of the department and what roles they play to the Executive Branch. 

                          Secretary of the Treasury - Dute

The Secretary of the Treasury leads the Department of the Treasury. They are responsible for the White House’s funds by tracking, managing, and distributing funds as necessary. In addition to this, they also operate the White House shop and collect information about new construction work, as in the creation of the new rooms. They Secretary of the Treasury holds 5iC in the White House.


Relevant legislation:

Financial Affairs Act 2018

Financial Accountability And Audit Act 2017

Enumerated Funds And Social Security Act 2015


Relevant documents/spreadsheets:

For the Treasury Records please click the tab below at the bottom of the page.


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Feel free to contact us by Messaging any one of the Department Members using This Site's Messaging, or via Instant Messaging on the Habbo Client.
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