Outside Transfer Requirements

The Administration

Outside Transfer Requirements

Policy Aims

The aim of this policy is to set the requirements for employees taking the Outside Transfer Exam in accordance with the Transfer (Outside Organisations) Act 2015 (Section 6(2)).

Outside Requirements

  1. The incoming member must:
    1. have completed or is due to complete the Outside Transfer Exam, and,
    2. has been or is a high rank member in the agency for a full 7 day period, and,
    3. has been employed by the agency for a full 14 day period, and
    4. not be listed on the Transfer Prohibition List.
  2. "incoming member" has the same meaning as in the Transfer (Outside Organisations) Act 2015.
  3. "agency" meaning the agency in which the incoming member is coming from.
  4. "Transfer Prohibition List" meaning the list established here.
  5. The Department of State or the President may waive these requirements at anytime, except for the requirement to not be listed on the Transfer Prohibition List.

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