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 Section 1. Updating a Motto

Step 1. Select profile menu

By clicking your face in the bottom left hand corner, you will be able to access your user profile.

Step 2. Select 'My Profile' ‚Äč

Once open, select the "My Profile" option to begin changing your motto.

Step 3. Change motto

To change your motto, simply click the small pencil icon located to the right of your name. The motto you`ll need to wear until you`re trained is;

[WH] SS Trainee

Section 2. Joining a badge.

Step 1. Hold finger on pennant

To join our badge, you`ll need to locate the pennant within HQ, once you`ve found it, hold your finger on the pennant until a menu appears.

Step 2. Selecting pennant

Select the ‘Group Pennant’ option. This opens up the group menu.

Step 3. Join the group

Tap the "Join Group" button to add this to the list of groups on your profile.

Section 2.1 Wearing the badge

Step 1.

In order to wear the badge, you`ll need to tap the small "heart" icon in the bottom left hand corner, by doing so you will have favourited our badge and it will now be shown as being "worn" on your profile.

Section 3. Uniform

Step 1. Hold finger on mannequin

To wear our uniform, simply hold your finger down on the mannequin of your gender a menu appears.

Step 2. Wear the uniform

To wear the unfirom simply tap the "Wear uniform" button and you`re done!


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