Federal Offices and Departments

The Administration

Federal Offices and Departments

Below is a list of all in-command levels of Federal Cabinet employees.

Federal Entity

Head of Entity

Other Ranks in the Entity

Office of Legislative Affairs
Responsible for ensuring the legislative agenda of the President, advising the President on signing bills, acting as the liaison between EOP and the Legislative branch, organizing petition debates and any other tasks delegated by the President.

Director of Legislative Affairs [5iC] Secretary of Agriculture [7iC]

Office of Communications
Responbile for providing the latest news from both within the White House and throughout the Habbo Community, releasing a weekly Tribune (newsletter), and managing the Habbo White House Twitter.

Director of Communications [5iC]  

Office of Public Engagement
Responsible forthe President's and Vice President's promotion agenda, and the progression and formulation of agendas relating to engagement (including with the Wider Community).

Director of Public Engagement [5iC] Deputy Director of Public Engagement [6iC]
Secretary of the Interior [7iC]
Secretary of Establishment Innovation [7iC]

Department of State
Responsible for the management of alliances, treaties, foreign relations with other agencies and organisations.

Secretary of State [5iC]

Deputy Secretary of State [6iC]
Secretary of Transportation [7iC]

Department of the Treasury
Responsible for the management of financial affairs, social security, other financial benefits, taxation, employment salaries, rooms, White House Estate, teleporting between rooms and the White House Shop.

Secretary of the Treasury [5iC]

Secretary of Commerce [7iC]

Department of Defense
Responsible for the security and defense of the White House, its rooms and employees. Responsibility for any militia or armed forces.

Secretary of Defense [5iC]

Secretary of Homeland Security [7iC]

Department of Justice
Responsible for the prosecution of criminal and civil conduct, oversight of detention and responsible for all court hearing scheduling.

Attorney General [5iC]

Deputy Attorney General [6iC]
Solicitor General [7iC]

Department of Education
Responsible for learning, skills, lifelong learning, education and all low rank activities, affairs and matters.

Secretary of Education [6iC]

Secretary of Health & Human Services [7iC]

Department of Veteran Affairs
Responsible for veterans, VIPs, and all external visitors to the White House.

Secretary of Veteran Affairs [7iC]


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