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Crisis Management Information


What is Crisis Management?

Crisis Management allows Trainers at White House to be aware of their legal and working rights as Trainers within base and training rooms, providing the resources to report and and take control of their training session and secure White House as a whole.

Bullying, Abuse and Trolling in Sessions

What does Trolling Consist of?

Trolling can come in a variety of different forms, some that may not even be covered here, however to give you an idea of what to look out for;

  1. Swearing or shouting in session.
  2. Refusing to following training rules or orders.
  3. Using Coloured Chat, Effects or Dancing.
  4. Removing their badge, motto or uniform during training.
  5. Whispering the Trainer or Trainees rude remarks.

Ideally, this only covers a few mentionable types of trolling, however it can consist of any behaviour which you deem unacceptable during your training.

What does Bullying and Abuse Consist of?

Bullying and Abuse come under a wide variety of different issues, as a general rule any behaviour which offends or intends to hurt someone can constitute to bullying, however, for informational purposes, here as some ways in which bullying can manifest itself;

  1. Rude, homohophobic or racist remarks.
  2. Consistent abusive behaviour or teasing towards an individual.
  3. Unfairly singling someone out in a sensitive situation.
  4. Mocking someone for their actions.
  5. Making fun of someones looks or appearances.
  6. Pushing or provoking someone to react.

What is the best "Plan of Action" for trolls?

Anyone would agree, prevention is better than cure, however in training sessions, it's not always easy to spot a troll, some usually don't begin trolling until you start training! This can be frustrating however it's best to take control of your situation, heres a few ways how;

  1. Pause the Training Session.
  2. Warn them that their actions will result in a fail.
  3. Take a screenshot of their trolling.
  4. Inform SS Leadership or EOP that you're having issues (If Necessary).
  5. Make a note of their username.

What if someone continues to troll?

Most of the time, someone that's trolling will have no intention of stopping, usually because they're finding it funny, however it's frustrating for you as a trainer to have to combat this, if they continue to troll, show no tolerance;

  1. Talk to one of the SS Leadership or EOP via Habbo or Discord.
  2. Request a kick from any Room-Badge Admins or SS Leadership.
  3. Mark the Trainee as FAILED on site.
  4. Put this person on ignore.
  5. If need be - Leave the room to find someone in HQ to help.

What does Trolling Consist of?

As mentioned before, sometimes trolling is not easy to spot and doesn't appear obvious until well into your training session, by this time, your only actions will be to remove them, however there are ways that you could spot or be prepared for trolling behavior;

  1. The account was made on the same day (A few hours/minutes ago).
  2. Someone that has been difficult through recruitment.
  3. Reports from Low Ranks that they're being whispered rude remarks.
  4. Someone that had already used rude or disrespectful language in HQ prior to recruitment.
  5. Unusual names such as "HABBOWHLR" or "KINGTROLL"

Bullying, Abuse and Trolling in Sessions

Under the Anti-Bullying Act 2018 any form of bullying, abuse or misbehaviours towards an individual are strictly illegal, if you find yourself, or another person, a victim of bullying within White House, it is your right to report this in confidentiality.

What Act Covers Evidence?

Evidence is usually taken for any of the above situations, especially in the case of training and Mid-Ranks, Bullying, Abuse and Trolling of any kind can be submitted for evidence, Evidence is covered under the Legal Evidence Act 2018 currently, which provides all the information you may need on Evidence for Habbo Hotel, Video, Site and Document Screenshots.

What must you include in your screenshot on Habbo Hotel for it to be legal?

There are 3 points which you must remember to include in your screenshot, for it to be legally valid in court, or otherwise valid for SS Leadership to put on TKoS, should the need for question arise, the following points are;

  1. Room Information showing the Room Owner and Room Description
  2. Date and Time of the incident (Apple computers without the year are OK)
  3. The URL (Web Address) of ""

Who can you give your screenshots to?

It's important that, when you collect these screenshots, that if you intend to report them, you report them to the correct individuals so that they can be dealt with properly, otherwise reporting your incident may take more time, you can report to any of the following;

  1. The Executive Office of the President Staff (EOP)
  2. Any member of SS Leadership (7iC+)
  3. The Attorney General (Cabinet)
  4. The Deputy Attorney General (Judicial)
  5. The Solicitor General (Judicial)
  6. Any member of the Investigation Team (Working with the Attorney General)
  7. Branch Leadership

What would you screenshot?

As mentioned above, you can screenshot any sort of bullying, abuse or bad behaviour within any of the rooms found on the ROOM REGISTER, the following are a guideline of what sort of things you can report;

  1. Bullying
  2. Abuse
  3. Hate Speech
  4. Trolling or Bad Behaviour
  5. Offensive or Rude Remarks to an Individual
  6. Disrespectful Behaviour
  7. Not following ANY White House laws
  8. Breaking the Habbo Way.

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