Ban on Sight List

The Administration

                           Ban on Sight


The Ban on Sight is list of individuals who are deemed as a threat to the organization by the President and/or the Secretary of Defense, and therefore they are banned from any of the organization's rooms, specifically the headquarters. 

This list was established under the provisions of the Website Ban on Sight List Act 2016.

    USERNAME    DATE        ADDED                                  REASON
HarryMax. N/A HQ trashing
Jewbacca N/A Trashing, trolling and threats
Heisen N/A Known raiders & trollers
Lockey. N/A Trolling
Astute-: N/A Poaching members
Mandicakes N/A Trolling
KingAlik N/A N/A
-MeForPresident N/A N/A
Clatter N/A Trolling and raiding
saintfraseh N/A Trolling & working at a BoS agency
braveheart10 N/A Trolling
PushWork N/A Trolling using alts
nevaknow N/A N/A
Dripcall N/A Trolling and nuisance
TravisFinancier N/A Trolling on alt accounts, raiding
Tough-Cookie N/A N/A
badboymuted1223 N/A N/A
CorenMaddox N/A Trolling/Owns fake badges
G_Cleveland N/A Constant nuisance to the organization
AgentRishi01 N/A Trolling
George.exe N/A N/A
Redgi N/A N/A
Saxers N/A Trashing the Federal Court and Judi. badges
Herrscherin 07/02/2016 Breaking multiple laws
-laurenn-.-.  N/A Trolling the White House and bullying.
HaroldHartman 12/07/2017 Creating bills and petitions on the WH website that defame the overall well being of the WH
...Megz  N/A  
Ozzfest 6/6/2017 Creating fake WH badges
Aeader 10/08/2017 Staging a crime and illegally falsifying evidence to be used to maliciously prosecute another employee. 
xiGhostx 23/07/2017 Invading members' privacy and spreading false images
Reichsmark 22/08/2017 Poaching WH members
Marching 04/10/2017 Deliberate trashing of important Judicial sheets 
Will-Do-Chung 27/10/2017 Owning a fake WH badge
ParallelLines 27/10/2017 Owning a fake WH badge
Fienancier 27/10/2017 Owning a fake WH badge
Russells 11/12/2017 Owning a fake WH badge
-Nicole?x 26/02/2018 Uses clones to troll, owns a badge full of clones
AnnoyedGrunt 11/12/2017 Phising sites, ilegally acquiring IPs, etc.
kiddo11defiant 09/07/2018 Mafia Association
Laqu 16/07/2018 General Nuisance and trolling
.onomanopia. 07/08/2018 Mafia Association & Illegal Warfare Activity
Consultative 07/08/2018 Alliance Interference & Harassment
President-WH 14/11/2018 Fake Badges & Causing Trouble
Gummy 14/11/2018 Fake Badges
Jollity 27/11/2018 Fake Badges
-x-Jodiie-x- 1/12/2018 Document Trashing


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