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Hello White House employees!

In light of recent events involving our allies being extorted for money by other members of habbo, we want to help make sure you are safe. The main information they got a hold of is personal information about habbo users and threatened to send it to people in their real life, if you have been approached by anyone who you find suspicious, please don’t be afraid to talk to EOP, DoD or BoT.

Today I’d like to bring you through a few quick security checks that you should go over with yourself, fellow employees, and other members of your branch to ensure your personal information is secured to the best of your ability. Please be informed that the people who will be at the center and targets of attacks will be people who have badge admins and room rights holders. We have removed the room rights holder list from HQ and from the server for these reasons

                                                                                    Social Media

Firstly, let's talk about social media, We all love social media, right? But without the proper precautions, it can be the biggest source of your personal information being taken advantage of. You should be able to investigate your privacy settings in every social media, below are just a few examples. One from Facebook and one from Instagram

Now, you do not have to completely lock down an account if you do not wish to (especially for IG and Twitter) However, it’s important to make sure all location identifying information is removed from your public profile and photos. Some folks even go as far as putting a fake last name on their social media’s to help throw off the scent.                                                   It is very important, especially on Facebook, that you set your friends list to ‘only me’. This way, not only are you protecting other habbo friends you may have on your list, you’re also giving anyone who has your information less people to share it with.


Here, we see this Instagram profile is private and the sharing and activity statuses are off. Another feature you may want to turn off is direct messaging unless you both are following each other. This can prevent the use of spammy links that will give you a virus to obtain your password!



Secondly, and most importantly, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE. If it seems fishy, it probably is.If you do not know where a link goes or have any suspicion go to : and type the link in to get the background information on it. You can scroll down and view reports on the site and if there is malware detected on the site. Please still proceed with caution even if it is a legitimate link, if it’s from someone you do not know they could be trying to log your IP and location.

You can use a VPN service to access sites if you do not wish to compromise your IP. Additionally, you can download the browser Opera ( which has a built in VPN (must be enabled first).

If you believe your IP address has been compromised, you can easily change it. This is a great article and resource for why you would want to and how to do so (

Thirdly, if you are a social butterfly like myself, you probably enjoy doing group calls on discord or skype. However, adding people you do not know well into calls can result in a bad time. To gather information over calls, people can wireshark your calls to get location, IP, and other, identifying information. Please note this can be done over Skype with just the username, not even having to be in a call. Just be weary of adding random to calls.

And lastly, just use your best judgement! If you ever have a question about someone or notice someone that you know acting differently, PLEASE REPORT IT. Let EOP/DoD know about it and what is going on and they will handle it from there. Do not put yourself in harms way!

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