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About our Office

The Office of Public Engagement (shortened to OoPE) covers a wide range of services for the Habbo White House, from Presidential Inaugural Balls to a game of Falling Furni, OoPE covers it all!

As part of the Executive Office of the President (EOP) upon the beginning of a new term we construct and develop an Engagement Plan this allows us to work with the Presidents personal Manifesto goals, whilst also continuing our Outreach and Engagement goals, this is vital to keeping the White House a fun, happy and safe environment for everyone!

OoO&E is divided into three teams of dedicated and loyal Events Members, these are; The Internal and External Team, Information Team, Recruitment TeamThe Internal Team and The External Team, these work in and around White House for promotional and entertainment purposes. 

The OoPE Website

The Office of Public Engagements website was established to provide the OoPE with a dedicated portal to manage Events Team Members, Recruitment Team Members, Applications, and Reimbursements.

OoPE Website >

Department Liason

The Office of Public Engagement has many responsibilities which require the Liason between many of the Executive Offices and Departments within Cabinet so strong communication is key at all times! 

Office of Communications

The Office of Communications (OoC) has an integral role to play for the OoO&E, they provide a weekly Tribune, which provides a rundown of our offices weekly Internal and External events, they also provide Press Releases on all our key events, such as Inaugural Balls, Branch Games and Seasonal Events (such as Christmas and Easter)

Department of State

The Department of State (DoS) keeps us in the know with our Allies! Our alliances, like us, have their own events teams, therefore it's important we keep a shared calendar with the DoS to ensure that our major events don't clash! Nothing worse than two parties at once!

Department of the Treasury

The Department of the Treasury (DoT) is our main funding source for all of our events, of course, our loyal and dedicated team usually fund their events in and around White House, however, the Treasury reimburses all of our funds whenever possible so that we can continue to entertain our establishment!

Department of Defence

The Department of Defence (DoD) provides the security organisation for all of our major events! This includes preparing the PPD for Inaugural or Presidential Balls and also includes any high profile Ballroom Events which require the Ballroom Access to be used, the DoD has kept us Winky Free since 2017! 

The Events Team

The events team is directed by the four employees within the Office of Public Engagement, the Director of Public Engagement, the Deputy Director of Public Engagement, the Secretary of Establishment Innovation, and the Secretary of the Interior.

About the Events Team

The events team is one team that merges all of the previous teams, they're dedicated to hosting internal and external events for the Habbo White House!

Members of the Events Team

[insert members here]

The Recruitment Team

The recruitment team is directed, once again, by the four employees within the Office of Public Engagement.

About the Recruitment Team

The recruitment team is a team of individuals who work closely with the Secret Service branch to bring back trainees from Public (Non-Agency) Habbo Hotel Rooms! They'll enter public rooms and invite people to join the White House.

An initiative has been launched by the Office of Public Engagement in an attempt to get more individuals involved in the recruitment team. The initiative being the award game, anyone bringing back 5 or more recruits will earn 1 free round in this game! As an added incentive, the top performing Recruitment Team members are being given 25c by chaos2345! 

Public Engagements Links

Below are links to important documents in the Office of Outreach & Engagement;

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Events Team Guide - HERE

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