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Department of Justice

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. 

- Winston Churchill


Welcome to Department of Justice!

The Department of Justice is led by the Attorney General, Vlyso, and deputised by the Deputy Attorney General Kearley and the Solicitor General -Hamsa.


Attorney General


Deputy Attorney General


Deputy Attorney General


Solicitor General


The Department of Justice is led by the Attorney General and is responsible for enforcing the law within the White House premises. When users choose not to comply with the law, they're prosecuted by a member of the Department of Justice in accordance with the Habbo White House Justice System.


Criminal lawsuits, Appeals and Interpretation

If any employee, Veteran, or  any other affiliated status within the Habbo White house wishes to initiate a criminal lawsuit against another member, please click here. If you don't have access to the page, please ask a current employee to submit the case on your behalf or alternatively, report it to the Department of Justice for investigation. If you want to appeal a court verdict, list placements or other things click here. If you wish to submit a request to the Supreme Court, such as interpretation hearing, bill review appeal etc click here

Court Opinions

You can view all Court Opinions via this link to the Google Drive Folder. All Court Opinions are to be completed by the Presiding Justice or Judge then forwarded to be posted by the Attorney General.

Important Legislation

  • Judiciary Act 2019 - Stipulates the framework of the Judicial branch and Department of Justice and establishes the three courts of the White House.
  • Legal Evidence Act 2018 - Stipulates the requirements of an admissible piece of evidence.
  • Criminal Justice Act 2018 - Stipulates and sets out the provisions for the Court of Appeals and criminal code.
  • Crime and Courts Act 2017 - Updates the current court framework with newer and more suitable court provisions

Contacting the Department of Justice

All enquiries to the Department of Justice should be done via site messaging, ensuring that "Department of Justice" is in the "To" line. If this is not possible then please seek a member of the department via Habbo.

For added convenience we also have an official Discord Server which can also be used to contact member of the Department.

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