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The Department of Defense is first and foremost responsible for the security and defense of the White House. While this does apply to in-HQ matters, it also applies to the well-being and safety of our employees on other mediums such as Discord. With close ties to the Secret Service, we assist in the organization of ceremonial PPD guarding at events. Beyond this, the Department of Defense is primarily responsible for the upkeep of our Ban on Sight as well as our National Punishment list (in cooperation with the Department of State.)

The Department of Defense is managed by the Secretary of Defense, johnua16. The main role of the Secretary of Defense is to ensure the White House is free from threats as well as monitoring all fake badges. People use fake badges to obtain unauthorized entry to the White House. This position also maintains the Ban on Sight List and acts as respondents in appellate trials to ensure the most dangerous terrorists are condemned.

The Department of Defense also consists of the Secretary of Homeland Security, Avaia11. The main role of the Secretary of Homeland Security is to be a liaison between the Executive Office of the President and the Secret Service Branch. This position keeps the Executive Office of the President apprised of the dealings and developments within the Secret Service Branch and compiles these findings into a weekly report as part of their task.


DEFCON (Defense Readiness Condition) refers to the readiness of the White House during times of crisis. The DEFCON level is maintained by the Pentagon Security Council. 

  • DEFCON 1 (Code WHITE) - An act of terrorism is underway.
  • DEFCON 2 (Code RED) - An act of terrorism is suspected in the next 24 hours. 
  • DEFCON 3 (Code YELLOW) - An act of terrorism is highly likely.
  • DEFCON 4 (Code GREEN) - An act of terrorism is likely.
  • DEFCON 5 (Code BLUE) - An act of terrorism isn't likely.

The current DEFCON level of the White House is: DEFCON 5.


The Alternative Account Badge scheme was set up to legalize alternate accounts being utilized to raise the population in the headquarters and for other security reasons.

Click here to fill out the Alternate Account Register Form.
Click here to view the Verified Alternate Account Spreadsheet.

                                 FAKE BADGES

This document contains information the Department of Defense has regarding fake badges. It also includes the differences between the fake and real badges. If you discover a fake badge that is not currently on this document, please inform the Department of Defense! Click here to view the document.

If you spot someone with a fake badge please fill out the form found here

                            WANTED MEMBERS

In accordance with Section 5 of the Terrorism And Security Act 2015, the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon Security Council may compile a list of wanted members; whether it's for detention or information. 

Currently, there are no wanted members.


Ban on Site List
Ban on Sight is a list of people who are legally prohibited from being employed and being in any White House registered room.

Hiring Blacklist
The Hiring Blacklist is a list of users legally prohibited from joining a specific branch or all branches of the White House. 

Anti-terrorism, Security And Oversight Act 2016
This statute outlines the various procedures for handling terrorism within our organisation. This statute also outlines the various digital security offences and detention procedures as well as introduces Judicial Oversight on Ban on Sight and National Punishment additions. 

Security Services, Protection And Training Act 2015
This statute permits the Secret Service to aid the Department of Education with educating our Low Ranks. This statute also introduces the National Security Council (NSC) for the purpose of combating terrorism, espionage, threats, and other related activities. Finally, this statute outlines provisions for security breaches as well as protection at ceremonial and mandatory events.

Terrorism And Security Act 2015
This statute defines the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense. This statute also establishes the security agency, the Pentagon Security Council. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Department of Defense, please contact johnua16 or Avaia11 on Habbo or send them a message on the website. You may also submit a Freedom of Information request form by clicking here.

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